Electronics is the study of the flow of charge through various materials and devices such as semiconductors, , resistors, inductors, capacitors, nano-structures and vacuum tubes. It is considered to be a theoretical branch of physics. At present, growth of Industry is rapidly increasing in all sectors in our country and the same is affecting all streams of engineering with one of the major demands in supplying engineers to the field of Electronics, as well as in the Telecommunication sectors, which are rapidly changing as per utility demands. So this course is beneficial in the engineering education in present socio-economical & Technological scenario. New generation electronics engineers need to be competent in dealing with both analog & digital systems, communication engineering, microprocessors & microcontroller, industrial electronics, satellite communication & networking.

The students of the department are provided with rigorous training along with theoretical background in Analog & Digital electronics, Optical fibre, consumer electronics, Microwave & antenna, Automation and Tele-communication.

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