Only Indian Male students (Maximum age 21 years) and Valid Jexpo Rank students are admitted through Entrance Test conducted by Institute.

Total session fee for each year is Rs. 40,000*, payable in two instalments, at the beginning of each semester as follows:
Semester Tuition Fee Rs. 15,000
Semester Development Fee Rs. 3,000
Student Activities Fee Rs. 2,000
Total Semester Fees Rs. 20,000
Fees are accepted between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in cash department on all working days except otherwise notified. Payment should be made by Demand Draft drawn in favour of “Ramakrishna Mission Shilpamandira” payable at Belur Math at the office against a receipt in the Fee Book. No other form of payment is accepted.
Defaulters are charged a fine of Rs.10 per day and are not entitled for attendance during the period of default.

A one-time Caution Deposit of Rs. 2,000 is payable at the time of Admission in the Institute. Caution deposit is refunded after deducting amount due for wear and tear, loss, breakage and other forms of damage. No refund will be granted, if not claimed within three years of leaving the Institution. Other fees are in no case refunded.

The institution does not guarantee scholarship to any student. However, a limited number of merit-cum-means scholarships and prizes are awarded to students each year.

Students on joining the Institution have to spend approx. Rs. 1,000 to buy Drawing board, T-square, Drawing instruments, text books and other necessary articles. For the second and third year classes each student will have to spend a further sum of approx. Rs. 2,000 each semester on text books and equipments. Further they will have to undertake educational tours and/or attend survey camp at their own expenses.

A Multipurpose identity card will be issued by the institution which should be produced on demand. Loss of the Multipurpose card must be immediately reported to the Office and a duplicate card obtained on payment of Rs. 100.

There are arrangements to cater to student’s health requirements.

100% attendance is obligatory in all classes and co-curricular activities. Diploma certificates will be issued only to students having at least 80% attendance. Irregularity in attendance will be communicated to the parents. Students found to be unsuitable due to uninformed continued absence are liable to be removed from the Institution.

i) Students are not allowed to enter a Workshop or Laboratory in loose garments or without shoes.
ii) Students are advised to act up to the instructions given in the laboratories and workshops from time to time.
iii) The institution does not take any responsibility for any accident, loss or damage sustained by a student in course of his training.

To monitor the extent of comprehension of students, continuous internal assessment will be conducted. Attendance at all tests held by the Institution is compulsory. Students must abstain from adopting any unfair means in the examination.
Re-exam will be conducted for students failing in any subject. However, such students may not be considered for campus placement.

The following are some of the important rules of institution.
i) The students must attend the prayers punctually and take seat in their respective classes before the class bell rings.
ii) When a Lecturer/Instructor is absent or unable to take his classes students must maintain strict order among themselves so as not disturb other classes. They are not to leave the classroom without ascertaining alternative arrangements made.
iii) In case of sickness, the guardian of the student concerned is required to report to the Principal immediately. All leave must have previous sanction of the Principal. Students absenting themselves from classes without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.
iv) Students must in their deeds and words show regard to their Alma Mater, teachers and superiors.
v) Ragging is strictly prohibited.
vi) Misuse of Railway concession is punishable by fine.
vii) Use of mobile is prohibited in the classrooms, workshops, labs and examination halls.

The above rules or any other rules as may be framed from time to time by Institution should be strictly adhered to. Non-compliance could result in disciplinary measures ranging from fine, suspension, to expulsion from the Institution.
The authorities reserve the right to alter the rules and regulations at any time as they deem fit and this will be binding on all concerned.

* Subject to Change